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The well-known TikToker Nadeem Nani Wala was arrested in Daska

Famous Pakistani TikToker Nadeem Mubarak alias “Naniwala” and his accomplices were detained for allegedly attempting to kidnap YouTuber Ahmed Ali, according to police.

It was claimed that Nadeem Mubarak threatened the victim before being roasted by her in a recent video about an online dispute.

Later, TikToker and his four cohorts traveled to Sialkot’s Daska area, where they are accused of kidnapping YouTuber Ahmed Ali and his brother. The victim’s brother, however, was able to flee the scene.

After that, the police intervened and filed a case based on the victim’s brother’s section 365 complaint. Nadeem Naniwala has been arrested for assault and kidnapping, according to a tweet from Sialkot Police.

Cops added their confirmation of the captive’s release. The victim reported to police that the TikToker and his cronies had assaulted him and taken him against his will.

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The incident was reported to the Sialkot DPO, who promised that justice would be done in the matter.

First Information Report (FIR) launched against Nadeem Nani Wala

Nadeem Nani Wala has a First Information Report (FIR) filed against him.


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