RECAP | DYLAN and JENNY get shutdown by an angry KEITH on THE BLOCK | #TheBlock

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Dylan and Jenny don’t have a good start to the day after Keith shuts them down for an hour due to a noise complaint from a neighbour.

Jenny tries to argue, but Keith isn’t having it.

Omar and Oz are also suspended after it was discovered that their trades began at 5 a.m., which is against the rules. Trades must begin at 7 a.m. Keith is unhappy because he believes Omar and Oz are pushing their luck.

Danny Wallis makes an unexpected visit to the challenge house and The Block. He contributes a television. Omar and Oz take advantage of the opportunity to bring him up to House No.5 for the hard sell. Danny is well-known for purchasing multiple houses on The Block.

Ankur and Sharon appear to be smiling, which is a good sign, and admit they may be on their way to becoming Block-fit.

Landscaper Dave Franklin, who is in charge of all landscaping on The Block this season, is concerned that none of the teams have begun landscaping yet. He goes and tells them everything.

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On The Block, Australia’s first 3D house is being printed by a massive 3D printer. It will serve as Scotty’s pool cabana and a temporary Block Shop.

Keith returns to Omar and Oz, concerned by the number of trades they have gone through. There are so many plasterers and tilers. If the boys aren’t happy, they seem to fire the trades.

The Block continues 7:30pm Wednesday on Channel 9 and 9Now

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