Rapper PnB ROCK Death Video, What Happened To Rakim Allen Shot Dead At Resturant CCTV Footage Leaked!

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Rapper PnB ROCK Death Video, What Happened To Rakim Allen Shot Dead At Resturant CCTV Footage Leaked! Rappers are always on the radar and, surprisingly, most crimes have been committed by them. The latest incident is that one of them lost his life however this time he was uninvolved in any kind of gang conflict or dispute but was killed due to the robbery that occurred in the restaurant. It is quite shocking and it is difficult to believe that the robbers attacked the restaurant and targeted the rapper. The grieving fans demand justice for him and ask police to take a firm stance against the perpetrators. His name is PnB Rock. He lost his life as a result of the robbery that took place in an eatery in Los Angeles

Rapper PnB ROCK Death Video, What Happened To Rakim Allen Shot Dead At Resturant CCTV Footage Leaked!

Rapper PnB ROCK Death Video

According to the reports that have been made, the Philadelphia rapper, well popular for his album “Selfish” which was released in 2016 has lethally been shot in the course of the robbery that occurred in the restaurant of Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles restaurant, which is located within South Los Angeles on the late afternoon on Monday. Capt. Kelly Muniz, of Los Angeles said that an incident of shooting occurred at around 01:15 pm at the famous restaurant located at Manchester Avenue and Main Street. She did not recognize the victims. The 30-year-old Rock who’s real name was Rakim Allen, was seated in the restaurant with his girlfriend who posted a picture with a location tag on an unremoved post on Instagram.

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Muniz claimed that a criminal was found with an arsenal in the restaurant and demands items from the victim. The media sources told the publication that Rock was chosen to purchase his jewelry. The victim was killed almost immediately by the attackers during the time of the robbery said Muniz. Muniz said that “He fired at the victim, then ran away from the side of the doorway to the getaway vehicle, and then fled in the parking area.” Muniz stated that the victim was immediately taken to the hospital, and was declared dead at approximately 01:59 PM. According to the law enforcement source the department of LA police Los Angeles investigators is investigating security footage inside the restaurant in order to identify the shooter.

In addition, the police are also looking to secure the business to check if security cameras captured any pictures of the suspect running off in a car or on walking. The team investigating was analyzing evidence from the Monday night according to Muniz. Although she refused to reveal any evidence that was found. His fans are grieving and paying tribute to the late rapper. He was born the 9th of December 1991. The media outlet reported that he was inspired to become a rapper around the age of 19 years old.

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