Old People’s Home for Teenagers: Sept 13

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This week Old People’s Home for Teenagers is all about building confidence, with the group tackling Tik Tok dances and an intergenerational debate on ageism, held in front of the teen’s parent at an Open Day.

We’re at the midway point in the experiment and the classmates focus on rebuilding their confidence. Teacher Fiona asks the group to write three qualities about themselves before walking the ‘confidence read carpet’ and divulge them to the group. For an unconfident person, like many of the teenagers in this experiment, it’s a daunting task, but they team up with a senior who will help them explore the positive side of themselves.

Day 2 starts with the words TikTok! Aranka calls it TikTac and Maureen thinks it’s an apple! Instructed to break into teams, the teenagers will teach the older adults a TikTok dance. Aranka is excited but the other responses from the group range from mild interest to sheer horror! The challenge is important for the older generation to increase mobility and movement but also for the teenagers who will be in their element, as the seniors are their students!

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As the dancing ends, the topic turns to ageism in today’s modern society. Ageism is the negative stereotyping of people, based on their age. Most often it applies to older people, but the second most common group it affects are teenagers. Today, as they plan for an open day to be held at the end of the week where the teenagers’ parents will be attending, they prepare for a debate on ageism.

At the Open Day, the teenagers’ parents stream in, so excited to be meeting the seniors they’ve heard about but not yet met. The debate is also today, and Anna is still not confident about speaking, but with her confidence coach Bob helping her out, Anna closes the debate for her team.

8:30pm tonight on ABC.

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