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Lil Nas X ditched that old town road for a fabulous catwalk.

The “Montero” rapper—who is Coach’s newest ambassador—made a showstopping appearance on the brand’s New York Fashion Week runway on Sept. 12.

But ahead of strutting down the catwalk, Lil Nas X shared more insight into boundary-pushing style.

“I’m always like let’s try something that I haven’t really done before,” he exclusively told E! News’ Erin Lim Rhodes about his fashion evolution. “With the help of my amazing stylist, Hodo Musa, she really makes sure I’m always right.”

As for when he needs a confidence boost? He gives himself a little reminder. “‘We’re gonna make it through the day,'” he said. “And usually the days when I’m the most uncomfortable, I find it be the best days for growth.”

And when he needs someone to look up to, he turns to Rihanna: “She always does whatever the f–k she wants with fashion.”

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