Kundali Bhagya Written Update 13th September 2022 Episode Prithvi Feels Bad For Kritika

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The latest episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with Preeta. She goes to the bathroom after her hands get tired. Here, Arjun gets up from behind the bed but hides once he sees Preeta returning from the washroom. Preeta comes inside and stands in front of the mirror. She thinks about why she does not find any band here. Arjun teases Preeta by saying she should start wearing glasses. Preeta gets annoyed and says that she does not need that. Preeta feels like Karan is around her.

Kundali Bhagya

On another side, Prithvi apologizes to Kritika. The latter is shown in an unconscious state. He says that he has not done anything wrong with Kritika and blames Sherlyn for that. Prithvi even expresses his shock after learning that Kritika forgave him even though he had hurt her several times in the past and even deceived her. He goes on to say that he might not love her like Preeta or Sherlyn but he still feels for her. Later, Prithvi thinks that he is getting late as he has to settle things with Arjun. Meanwhile, Prithvi puts Kritika inside the cupboard.

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In the next scene, Arjun sees Preeta crying while sitting. He wishes to wipe her tears but does not do so. He recalls how he used to console her when she got emotional and got lost in those thoughts. Later, Preeta stands up and walks toward the bathroom. Arjun holds her from behind. She feels as if someone is grabbing her hand. She gets emotional and thinks that it would be someone else. Preeta closes her eyes while Arjun makes her turn. He places his head on her forehead while she continues crying.

In the next scene, Arjun is shown waking up from his dream. He realizes that Preeta has gone to the bathroom. He places his hand on the glass of the door. Here, Preeta feels that she is with someone else. She starts smiling without knowing that it is Arjun standing. Preeta then recalls the moment when she used to spend with Karan. She thinks that he was always there to protect her but he is not around anymore. It is no doubt to say that the story has gotten quite interesting and has grabbed the interest of the readers. In the upcoming days, the fans will get to see an even more thrilling story. Keep following Social Telecast for more such written updates.

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