James bond Star Apologises After Making Hurtful Statements During Live Show

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George Lazenby, a former James Bond actor is again hitting the headlines into the limelight while remaining the subject of wide discussion, after being surrounded by the controversies that now have turned into heavy condemnation. Yes, you heard right, during an interview on Saturday in Perth, the actor made such creepy and homophobic remarks in a certain manner, which had unaccepted by the people. As one had even imagined that their favourite one could make an agonist exploit in such a manner. Therefore, recently he issued an apology as well, below you could explore everything you need.

George Lazenby apologises

As per the exclusive reports or sources, at the time of making the statement more than thousands of people were there, who were able to see and hear the 83-year-old Australian actor. Therefore, as soon as he brought the issue out against homophobia, that had extremely condemned by the people. Therefore, uncounted expressed their rage by saying that he is no one to decide such things and if he has an issue, so he should have kept it in his mind without throwing it out in spite of knowing, that it could catch the heat as the issue set the fire among everyone.

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James Bond Star George Lazenby Apologises

Reportedly, 83-year-old James Bond Star George Lazenby recently issued an apology through the statement which he posted on social media, where he mentioned that “It was not his motto or goal to make a homophobic or harsh remark and therefore, he is extremely sorry if his statement hurt the sentiments of someone”. This issue proved to be worst for him as his all further events or better-called concerts have been canceled and will remain the method in the further years too. Because the way he spotted out things were intense enough and therefore, a few can not forgive him as well.

On social media, a wave of heavy flood took place where almost everyone is expressing their rage while mentioning, that one should always think twice before spitting out even a single controversial word because no one knows that at what kind of impact it would leave on people. So no matter whether someone is having a reputed personality, the thing is clear that before expressing anything just make sure, no hurt from the statement. If you want to get more than you can search for him on social media where everything will come out in front of you, for more details stay tuned and do follow Social Telecast.

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