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Hollywood Superstar Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard’s court case is making new headlines and creating a massive stir in the internet world. With each passing day the case is twisting and turning points. While social media is buzzing with this case, everybody is discussing this high-profile case. Although the case is now almost on the verge of closing. Everybody is waiting for the verdict This case has been the talk of the town, everywhere you go, someone or the other can be seen easily discussing this case. Stephanie Calnan is lately getting love and praise from the netizens after her cross-examination with Dr. Richard Shaw.

Stephanie Calnan

Stephanie Calnan is a member of Johnny Depp’s legal team. During the case proceedings, she has also played an important role in this case. During the proceedings, Johnny Depp’s legal team called the Forensic psychologist Dr. Richard Shaw for evaluating the testimonies by medical specialists Dr. David Spiegel and Dr. Kipper. Dr. Richard Shaw stated that Dr. David Spiegel’s testimony is ‘unreliable’. Dr. Richard Shaw further continued and accused Dr. Spiegel of breaking the principle of the Goldwater Rule. Dr. Shaw further continued and pointed out other mistakes and loopholes in Dr. Spiegel’s testimony.

Stephanie Calnan was the junior lawyer of the Johhny Depp’s legal team who evaluated this information from Dr. Shaw. After grasping all the information she returned to her assigned seat. Johnny Depp congratulated Stephanie Calnan for her successful cross-examining of Dr. Shaw. Fans and audiences took no time to notice this interaction between Johnny Depp and Stephanie Calnan. Netizens were amazed to see the jovial and mesmerizing reaction of Johnny Depp toward Stephanie. They all were happy to see Johnny congratulating her.

Stephanie Calnan has been assigned to the firm’s litigation and arbitration practice group. According to the reports, she joined the law firm in the year 2016. Stephanie Calnan graduated and studied law at the Boston University of Law. Lately, she is getting massive admiration and charm from the netizens. Although we all know, the amount and love and support superstar Johnny Depp is getting from the public from all across the globe, so we all can imagine the lawyer who is fighting her case could be massively loved and admired. All the netizens are eagerly waiting for the judgment of The most talked about the case.   For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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