EL PRIMO DE JINCHO Accident Video CCTV Footage Viral, Jincho’s Cousin Met With An Fatal Crash In Philadelphia!

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A horrible video is presently circulating on the web and giving a goosebumps. In this video, a person is losing his life and since then the video uploaded on the web it creates a lot of buzz amongst the social media users. As per the latest report, a cousin of a social media influencer named Jincho lost his life in a lethal road accident. This accident happened in Philadelphia. Ever since this lethal road accident news surfaced on the web the entire social media is flooded with many messages. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

El Primo De Jincho Accident

El Primo De Jincho Accident

People are expressing their thoughts and shocking reaction to this unfortunate news. This news can easily brings tears to the eyes of anyone who is hearing this news. As of now this lethal accident news is one of the biggest news on the web and fastly circulating all over the world. The shocking people are keen to know the name of the cousin and the entire incident that how and where this accident has happened or any other person handed away in this accident? All these questions are currently in the mind of the people and due to their curiosity of the people,

El Primo De Jincho Crash Video CCTV

We are trying to cover all the information related to this lethal accident case. As per the numerous report, the cousin of the social media influencer was handed away after being met with a car accident which has happened in Philadelphia. For those who don’t know about Jincho, we would like to inform them that Jincho is a famous rapper. Social media users and the fans of Jincho are sharing their condolences to him and wanting to know every information about this accident news. Juancho is a famous social media influencer and rapper who described himself as a little insane, kind, genius, and a good person.

El Primo De Jincho Funeral & Obituary

He made his name and fame through his rapping. According to him, he was a good student in his studies and always passionate about his career as well as studies. He was born in Madrid but his accent is in Latin, through his rapping he garnered a good fan following on Tiktok by posting his song. The official video of the song accumulated more than 4.6 million views on Youtube. Now the rapper is once again in the news but this time not because of his music but due to the death of his cousin.

As per the report, his death news is officially asserted by an online post, and the account is made under the name “Voices From The South”. This account confirmed the passing news. The post stated that this incident was lethal and the victim was badly injured and lost his life on the spot. This news is so unfortunate to hear as the deceased was a young person who had many dreams in his eyes. His social media influencer cousin is also sad after hearing his death news and asking his fans for the salvation of his cousin.

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