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Aged-10-years, Amerie Jo Garza, texas shooting victim, parents, #Aged10years #Amerie #Garza #texas #shooting #victim #parents Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

Amerie Jo Garza, one of the victims of the Robb Elementary School mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, has been identified as a fourth-grader.

As she tried to telephone 911 on her cell phone, Amerie was one of the first children shot and killed by 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos.

Aged-10-years, Amerie Jo Garza, texas shooting victim, parents

Amerie Jo Garza, a 10-year-old Texas shooting victim, is remembered as a ‘hero.’

Minutes before the shooter opened fire in her classroom, Amerie Jo Garza received an Honor Roll certificate. One of the victims of Tuesday’s mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, has been identified as a fourth-grader.

Amerie Jo Garza, a devoted sister whom her family remembers as a hero, celebrated her tenth birthday just two weeks before she was fatally shot, according to her grandma. Amerie was one of the first children shot to death by 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos as she tried to telephone 911 on her cell phone, according to Berlinda Arreola, 49.

Amerie Jo Garza that is her name @RepStefanik. A beautiful 10 year old calling 911 for help and then he shot her too. Even a 10 year old has the courage to try to save others. You‘re a coward that can’t even help stop this carnage.

— Deb Nielsen (@DebNiel80040841) May 25, 2022

“He could have just taken her phone away,” Arreola says. “He could have just broken it, do something. And he just shot her.”

“She was a hero trying to call 911, to save her and her friends,” says the grieving grandmother.

Amerie was instinctively helpful and protective even at the age of ten, according to Arreola, especially when it came to her younger brother, 3-year-old Zayne, whom Amerie remembered to kiss every morning before going to school, where she excelled as a student and received the school’s “Heart of Gold” award last year.

Shooter Invaded Classroom

In fact, minutes before the shooter invaded her classroom and killed her and her classmates, Amerie’s academic achievements were honored when she got an Honor Roll certificate, according to Arreola.

The family of the little girl, who adored her newborn brother and spent her free time sketching and swimming, is now prepared to bury her.

“My little love is now flying high with the angels above,” Amerie’s dad Angel Garza wrote on Facebook. “Please don’t take a second for granted. Hug your family. Tell them you love them. I love you Amerie jo. Watch over your baby brother for me.”

Investigators have not revealed a reason for the horrific shooting that killed 21 people, including 19 kids, some 85 miles outside of San Antonio.

According to authorities, the shooter shot his grandmother before heading to the school, and she has so far survived her injuries.

Amerie Jo Garza Hayes Age, Family, Early Life.

Amerie Jo Garza was  10 years old from Texas. She was of American nationality. Amerie Jo was the elder daughter of Angel Garza who is a medical aide.

amerie jo garza familysource: ABC7NEWS

There are no details on her mother for the time being. She has a smaller brother with whom she is said to have loved spending time.

Amerie Jo Garza Career, What was her profession?

Amerie Jo Garza was a student and hand no any profession.

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Which school and college did She go to? What was her major?

Amerie Jo Garza was an elementary school student. She was shot and killed at her school in the mass shooting.

Is she available on any kind of social media platform?

Amerie Jo was only 10 years old and had no social media presence.

Amerie Jo Garza’s Appearance Height, Weight, body

N / A

Hair color

Eye color

N / A

Body type

Sexual orientation

Interesting facts about  Amerie Jo Garza’s which you should be known




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Aged-10-years, Amerie Jo Garza, texas shooting victim, parents

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