Worlds of Wonder (WOW) Amusement & Water Park Noida Ticket Price, Entry Fee & Timings, and More Explored!

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Hello everyone and you wouldn’t want to know about a very famous water park Worlds of Wonder that is available in Noida and Delhi NCR. We will be discussing the location and ticket prices. Summers are already here and everybody is really frustrated by the excessive heat. And teenagers and youngsters really want to enjoy an amusement park with their friends and Worlds of Wonder is the best destination for them. You can bring your family members and relatives with you as well. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Worlds of Wonder(WOW) In Gurugram & Noida Ticket Price

Worlds of Wonder(WOW) In Gurugram & Noida Ticket Price

There are many adventurous rises available and the atmosphere is really electric. You can find online reviews that are really amazing and it is really fun to do an activity. Not only water rides are available but many activities like go-karting and Air Hockey are also there. It is a total entertainment package and you will find some really interesting dishes as well. Mega Disco and Big Beat are one of the popular rides available. There are many food stalls available. Foreign visitors are also arriving at the location.

Worlds of Wonder(WOW): Entry Fee & Timings

It has become one of the most fun destinations in Gurugram. The ticket prices are really affordable. It is a 599 for children and 899 for adults. On the weekends the water park it’s 999 children and 1454 adults. If you want to enjoy both the amusement park and water rides then you will have to be the combined amount. You may have some discounts. You will have unlimited rides and it is located near Sector 18 Noida. It is open on weekdays between 11:30 am and 8:00 p.m.

Worlds of Wonder(WOW): Discount offers

pics 4 coupons of 30% discount on Soft Copy Products or 30% discount on Additional 6×8 prints. Many celebrities have also visited this amusement park and it is a really safe place for everyone. It has many experts and professionals to handle the situations. There is also a dance floor and you will enjoy every moment and it is worth the money. It reopened on April 20, 2022. We will be back with some more updates so till then stay tuned with the website.

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