Who Was Manjusha Neogi? Model Found Dead at Her Residence Check Her Cause of Death

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A model named Manjusha Neogi has been found dead at her residence in Patuli Kolkata. Manjusha was found dead at her residence on 27 May 2022. Manjusha’s mother spoke to the media and states that her daughter was suffering from Depression since her close friend and model Bidhusha Majumder committed suicide two days before.

Manjusha Neogi

Police officials have started the investigation, and have sent her body to the forensic experts, for examination of her body. They stated that forensic reports will clear all the doubts and will also tell the exact cause of her unfortunate and untimely death. Bidusha’s aunt called her on 27 May, but Bidusha didn’t answer her calls, and later on the same day Biduhsha was found dead, hanging in her room.

Manjusha and Bidhusha were both successful models in the Bengali Fashion and entertainment industry. Bidusha and Manjusha were friends for the last three years. Bidusha and Manjusha were both very popular in the modeling world. Both of them had worked a lot together. Both the friends loved each other’s company and loved working together.

Manjusha’s mother also stated that Manjusha recently got married. Manjusha was happy being married to her husband. Her mother also revealed that Manjusha’s husband was a very nice and amazing person. The couple was deeply in love with each other. Although according to some reports, her mother has denied all the rumors about trouble in Manjusha and her husband’s married life.

Manjusha’s mother stated that her daughter was suffering from major depression since her friend committed suicide. Her mother further stated that Manjusha even said that she will also die, after Bidusha’s unfortunate and untimely death. Bidusha committed suicide two days earlier, and a suicide note was found after her death.

Bidusha was too found dead and hanging in her room at her residence in Kolkata West Bengal. Her suicide note stated, that she is committing suicide because of a lack of opportunities and work in the industry. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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