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The second ex-wife of Mark Winger, Rebecca Simic, recently spoke regarding the murder of Donnah with ABC 20/20. Besides, their four youngsters opened up about their excellent father they believed they had for years. Due to this reason, both Mark and Rebecca have become the talk of the town. The entire family has been gaining the attention of the netizens and this is the reason why their names have been trending everywhere. Let us check more information about the family in the article below. Get details here.

Rebecca Simic

According to reports, Mark and Rebecca Winger have been a picture-perfect Midwestern family with 4 youngsters. However, a tragedy happened and snatched the family’s happiness in the blink of an eye. It was reported that Mark was the person behind the chilling murder of Donnah, his partner. The case was beforehand closed and Mark had started a model new life after getting married to his daughter’s new nanny. It was later revealed that he was involved with the murder of Donnah Winger and Roger Harrington.

In August 2001, he was caught and charged with the murder of the aforementioned persons. A jury had convicted Mark accountable for two prices of first-degree murder after a three-week public trial. Sources confirm that Rebecca Simic is Mark’s second partner and the mother of 4 youngsters named Bailey, Maggie, Anna, and Ben Simic. In a two-hour 20/20 explicit on ABC, the family recently had an interview. They shared how they thought he was a loving person until they come to know about his truth.

Michelle Hansen and Jenny Levin, Donnah’s sisters were also interviewed in 20/20 where they spoke about dropping their sister and discovering the fact about Mark. Shortly after the death of the baby girl’s mom, Rebecca Simic said she wanted to protect Donnah Winger’s daughter from the chaos that had gone on around her. Steve Weinhoeft, former Sangamon County deputy state authority, described Donnah as “clinging to life”.

According to him, she had been smacked in the head seven times with a hammer. Weinhoeft stated that the second sufferer had two gunshot wounds to the top. However, he was not dead until the police arrived. Police did not start wanting into the case until 1991. It was three years after Donnah’s death. Our team is trying to get further information on the case so that our readers can stay updated. Follow Social Telecast and keep getting such kinds of the latest updates and news.

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