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The Kapil Sharma’s show is one of the most popular shows in India and the citizens of other countries also love to watch him. This show is broadcast on sony tv at 9 pm over weekends. This week Kapil Sharma is entertaining the audience with special guests Akshay Kumar and Manushi Chillar and Dr Chandraprakash Diwivedi, the director of Prithviraj for their upcoming movie. As per the promo of this show, Kapil welcomes Prithviraj’s movie cast, and Akshay Kumar has seen appreciates Kapil for losing weight, and getting fit. Kapil feels shy, and Akshay laughs at Kapil saying he doesn’t know how to thank him for a compliment.

The Kapil Sharma Show 28th May 2022 Written Update

The second promo of The Kapil Sharma shows that Manushi and the director of the movie join Akshay. Chandu dance on “tu cheez Baddi hai mast mast” but he does it in a bad way. Akshay suggests Kapil make his friend sit in the audience with my friends. The promo also contains Kapil taunting the director of Prithviraj that he should also hire him as an actor in his film. Chandraprakash replies to him and he gets confused about whether this was a compliment or he is insulting him.

The Kapil Sharma Show Full Episode Written Update

Manushi Chillar who won the crown of Miss World, in 2017 has shared his experience filming with Akshay Kumar. Kapil asks Manushi that does she like to wake up early as her co-actor, Akshay Kumar, she replied, that she is from the medical field, she loves to wake up early and she also loved working with Akshay. In the promo of this episode, Kapil Sharma asks Manushi Chillar that did she planned to debut with Akshay Kumar as he is the most appearances star on Kapil Sharma’s show to meet me. Manushi reverts his joke and says yes she did this debut film just to come on this popular show.

As she has also done some tv-shows 3-4 years ago, some of them are with Akshay Sir. She says, she believes in destiny and never thought of working in movies. She says that she had a public coach and they gave them an activity to write their five-year plan or one-year plan. She wrote college and he cuts that and wrote you will sign a movie with Yash Raj. Now, she got this movie and called him to write such things for her. If you want more information, download his latest show online on

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