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VIDEO: NYC Subway Horror Video As Woman Assaulted By Man And Everyone Watches, Viral On Social Media!, #VIDEO #NYC #Subway #Horror #Video #Woman #Assaulted #Man #Watches #Viral #Social #Media Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

The safety of women is a serious matter of concern throughout the world. It is not like law enforcement is not working on the safety of women but still, these kinds of cases are not taking the name to stop. One more horrible video is presently making rounds all over the web and giving goosebumps to the watchers. As per the latest report, a horrible video has depicted the moment in which a lady taking a New York City subway was watched requesting her fellow commuters to aid her while a man assaulted her publicly. Though nobody came in front to help her and simply they were seen ignoring her. This horrible video stirred up the entire social media and the world as well. In the video, it is also watched that the lady was requesting people to help her but people were simply seen ignoring her pleading and crying and instead of helping her they simply walked away from the incident spot. Follow Our website CmaTrends for the latest updates!!!!!

NYC Subway Horror Video

NYC Subway Horror Video

Not only this, the video it is showcasing that the man’s striding angrily around the train car and shouting curses. The thug was seen wearing a white color hoodie and was sitting on a train and due to this rest of the passengers instantly shifted to the other part of the train. But one lady was earlier sitting close to the hooligan and attempted to run away but the suspect instantly pulled her back and forced her to sit down with him. He is watched pulling the sufferer by her hair and forcing her to make her sit down beside her.

Woman Assaulted By Man on NYC Subway Horror Video

This horrible video once again reminded the horrifying incident of the [email protected] case of the Philadelphia train where the CCTV footage viewed how the suspect sat next to the lady and tried to make a conversation with her prior to [email protected] her. In this incident as well no other passengers helped her out. Talking about the recent incident, in the viral video, the visibly distressed lady is clearly heard out and seen asking for help but no one is helping out her

And instead of that, they ignore her crying voice. Later in the video, the hooligan watched pushing the lady to another area of the train and shouting at her, and asking her to stand up. After the video was posted on social media, it filled outrageous among the citizens and people and they are requesting authorities to take serious action against the suspect and asked for a higher level of investigation.


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