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Indian television MTV Roadies is the craziest reality show for the youth. This show was introduced in 2003. The fans of the show are being increased. It is a reality show. Where participants have to perform according to their task. Usually, Rann Vijay Singha has been hosting this show since donkey’s year. In the 19th season, another face is leading the show and he well knows Indian actor who also served the nation in the covid pandemics, Sonu Sood. It will be challenging for him as well to maintain the goodwill of the show. This time this show is being held in South Africa.

MTV Roadies 18 28th May 2022 Written Update

In the upcoming episode of the show, Ashish Bhatia has earned a massive fan following through Splitsville. His task is on the air. A task is being introduced by the host of the show Sonu Sood. In which contestants have to collect Elephant’s dung, and the most surprising thing would be a black tape of clothing has been applied to their eyes so that they might see the exact visibility. On the other side of the task, their parents have to make them understand the correct path. Later if they successfully collect dung, have to squeeze out and fill the bottle with the liquid.

MTV Roadies 18 Elimination

After the successful collection of the dung, their partners have to eat food that is full of dryness, just like a rapper and they are facing many problems while having this food on the other side partner are add all the eggs in one bucket to collect the liquid which would come after pressing dung.

When Bhatia starts the task at the initial level he started running at the right side of the given platform and his partner is making him understand but he is quite not able to hear her voice, she yells and make his presence on the right track. One of the contestants says it is unhygienic and today she is wearing a new dress and she does not want to touch and smile has been passed by her. A contestant is doing this task easily and appreciates by everyone.

MTV Roadies 18 28th May 2022 Full Written Update

All the participants are burning the midnight oil to fulfill this task at a massive rate so that the chances of their elimination may be decreased. Do watch, this episode will be entertaining to all of you. Users can also watch it on Voot as well.

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