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When news of a “Top Gun” sequel was announced, questions like “Will Tom Cruise do his own stunts?” and “Will Val Kilmer be in it?” were a little bit down the list of burning ones. Nos. 1 and 2, for certain: “Will ‘Take My Breath Away’ be in it? Will ‘Danger Zone’?” That is the power of the blockbuster 1980s soundtrack: When we look back on the really enduring mainstream movies of the era, it’s not the poster art that pops right into our minds first, usually — it’s the poster art as adapted into an album cover.

The producers of “Top Gun: Maverick” didn’t take many chances when it came to trying to come up with a hit album: They enlisted Lady Gaga for a brand new song, to take the place of “Take My Breath Away,” but did, yes, also include Loggins’ “Danger Zone” to tickle the throwback part of your brain. The chances of this new soundtrack album achieving even a third of the nine-times-platinum status of the original are nil, of course: This is a different era for music, generally, but soundtracks particularly. The lure of “various artists” movie albums actually started to wane around the mid-’90s, really, and now, save for the very occasional “Star is Born” outlier, it’s a nice market, not market leader.

But let’s remember a time when pop soundtracks were the primary souvenir you could buy of a movie (before DVDs!), or were just a bitchin’ way to collect a variety of tunes in one fell swoop (before the “NOW! That’s What I Call Music” series… or Spotify). Here are 25 of the albums that defined the decade, from massive hits like the three F’s — “Fame,” “Flashdance” and “Footloose” — to some collections that introduced us to new sounds, like “Times Square” and “Wild Style.” And in case the descriptions alone don’t take you right back to the period: Click on any of the still images to watch a music video representing that particular soundtrack. — Chris Willman



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