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Anupama 29 May 2022 Written Update: Anuj and Anupama’s romance Anupama Upcoming Episode: In the upcoming episode of serial ‘Anupama’, Anuj and Anupama are going to dance fiercely on their honeymoon. At the same time, a new guest is about to enter the Shah family. Follow more updates on CmaTrends

Anupama 29 May 2022 Written Update

Anupama 28 May Episode: Anuj and Anupama’s romance started after marriage in the serial ‘Anupama’. After marriage, Anuj and Anupama are living each and every part of their life. Anuj Anupama has reached Mumbai for her honeymoon. So far you have seen in the serial ‘Anupama’ (Anupamaa Latest Episode), Anupama travels to the sea with Anuj in Mumbai. During this, Anuj remembers the old days. At the same time, Kavya starts showing her true colors to Vanraj. Meanwhile, a new storm is about to come in Anupama’s life.

Anupama 29 May 2022 Written Episode Update

In the upcoming episode of Gaurav Khanna Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer Serial ‘Anupama’ ( You will see, Anuj and Anupama spend time in a hotel. Anupama will say in hotel that she is getting bored. To amuse Anupama. Anuj will dance fiercely.

After dancing to Anupama’s gestures, Anuj will place a request in front of her. Anuj will give a night dress to Anupama. Anupama will get nervous seeing the dress. Anupama will call Devika as soon as Anuj leaves. Devika will convince Anupama that she should fulfill Anuj’s wish. During this, Devika will pull Anupama’s leg fiercely.

Kavya will go to meet her ex. Baa will wait for Kavya at home. Kavya will not be able to reach home on time. Baa’s blood will boil after seeing Kavya’s arbitrariness. Baa will lift Shah House on his head. Baa will claim that she will continue to teach Kavya everything. At the same time, Vanraj will start ignoring Kavya.

Samar will order food for the family members from Bunny Chow Delivery. Bunny will reach Samar with delicious food prepared by her hand. Here Bunny is going to promote her new show fiercely. Keep reading Bollywood Life to know news and gossip from Bollywood, TV, and Entertainment.

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