Akwa Ibom State University(AKSU) Student Viral Leaked Tape Video Twitter Reddit Girl Name

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S#x scandals and s#x tapes viral on social media are lately a command thing, although it is a crime, and harm to someone’s privacy and integrity, but still it’s an everyday thing now. So last week a s#x tape was massively viral on social media. In that video, a couple was sharing their private and intimate moments and the recording of their private moments got leaked on social media. Now, another video has been floating on social media of the same girl from that leaked s#x tape. In her second video, the girl is seen apologizing to the audience.

Akwa Ibom State University(AKSU) Student

The viral s#x tape girl is identified as a student of the Akwa Ibom State University(AKSU). The viral video girl has released another video, in which she is seen apologizing to the audience for that leaked s#x tape of her. As you all know by now, that last week her video of sharing intimate moments with a guy was massively viral on social, that video was topping the trending charts last week. That video got a massive amount of hate and criticism from the netizens. Netizens bashed the guy and the girl involved in the video, they bashed them for spreading this nudity and vulgarity on social media platforms and the internet.

The girl further continued and stated that she was sorry for all the chaos caused by her video. She further stated that she is currently going through a lot because her video of sharing private moments got leaked and massively on social media. She also stated that she recorded this video a very long time ago. She never knew that her last video will come to haunt her in the future. She never intended to post this kind of intimate video on social media. She also told that currently, she is going through a lot of stress because of this video, and she is facing a lot mentally because of this chaos on social media.

Although some reports have claimed that, she has not leaked or posted that video, it is someone else who posted that video, without her knowing about it. She was not aware when all this happened and that is the prominent reason why she is going through a lot mentally. She has also apologized for the video that she even didn’t post. Many netizens have come out in support of her after her apologizing video came out. Many are seen supporting and praising her for being strong in this dire and worse situation. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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