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Who Is Kristine Knizner? Fairfax County Middle School teacher arrested for child *, #Kristine #Knizner #Fairfax #County #Middle #School #teacher #arrested #child #* Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

Police officials have arrested a middle school teacher under charges of child *. The arrested teacher is identified as 28 years old Kristine Knizner. Kristine was working as a teacher in Irving middle school in Springfield and at key middle school in Franconia. Kristine was arrested by the police officers after a short investigation. Some reports from the police officials also stated that the victims of Kristine were not her students.

Kristine Knizner

The investigation of this case was started after the Fairfax county police got a lead from someone on Tuesday 17 May. The lead given to the police was about a Snapchat account that might contain child *. Later Fairfax county police linked that Snapchat account with an IP address and the location of that Ip address was Kristine’s apartment. Kristine was immediately arrested by the cops and was rushed to Fairfax county adult detention center. Although she was later released from the center on a $2000 uncensored bond.

Kristine Knizner has described herself as a science teacher in Irving middle school in Springfield Virginia. The news about the arrest of Kristine Knizner was announced by the Fairfax County police official Maj. Ed O Carolle. Maj. Carolle took this incident and announced this to the world through the social media platform Twitter. He posted about this incident on his official Twitter account. He also told the world about the charges that were put on Kristine.

Irving middle school too sent an email regarding the arrest of their science teacher Kristine Knizner. The Fairfax County police department also revealed that since February this year they have received more than 124 tips regarding these child-related exploitation crimes. The statement also stated that the police was finding this culprit since then, and thus Kristine was tracked.

Cases like these about child * and exploitation, and that by the teacher is a shocking thing. Teachers spend a lot of time with children and thus cases like these will only rose the worries of the parents about their toddler innocent children. Every parent will be worried about sending their child to the school premises. Cases like these need to be stopped and the culprits like these must be sent for some mental treatments for recovering before spending time in prison.

Kristine was released by the police county after paying a $2000 uncensored bond. The police department also stated that she has been released till her court proceeding, which is set for July. We will update you with all the updates and developments in this case. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.

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