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WATCH: South African University Student Pee On The Books Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Instagram!, #WATCH #South #African #University #Student #Pee #Books #Video #Viral #Twitter #YouTube #Instagram Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today:

This article going to be a little Messy as news is coming up from South African University and a clip has been viral when the students who were studying in this university say and ask the white student why are you peeing in the room. However, the other student doesn’t respond. This is a case of a South African University and social media is filled with this video where white students urinate on black students’ books and their belongings such as laptop bags and etc. Stay tuned with us till the last of this article on following for more updates This particular clip is getting attention these days and spreading online all over the social media platform however this particular video was recorded on a cell phone then it was being shared where shows that there is a boy who is shouting on the black students who were in the first year. Follow Our website CmaTrends for the latest updates!!!!!

Student Pee On The Books In South African University Video Viral

South African University Student Suspended

And in this particular video, we can hear black students saying why are you peeing in my room. After watching this video everyone is shocked that a white student urinating on the black students and their belongings this is not a matter of keeping quiet justice needs to be served as soon as possible not only did the clip has viral but that boy was badly assaulted who was 25 years old it was complete racism happening in this university. Babalo Ndwayana was the other person who recorded all the stuff.

Student Pee On The Books In South African University Video Viral

Talking about the complete incident so he says that he started you urinating on my belongings and he thought that he wanted to fight with him but then after some time a person who was standing nearby this thing he was in a great Dragon because he was badly a sorted by the white student it was a complete violation and making someone scared to be in the university. After hearing this the University decided to suspend him.

Student Pee In The Classroom Full CCTV Footage

The particular incident is a part of law and enforcement this incident was something that someone never thought of protest should be made and people are coming out of the university and appealing for justice and for the type of behavior the white students are doing with flag these things are not tolerated table and no and can digest this fact that racism is still alive and there is no courtesy maintained

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