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Namhla Mtwa Killer Arrested: Why was Namhla Mtwa Killer Arrested? Charges Explained: A few days back we reported that Namhla Mtwa has been killed but the culprit is yet to be caught. Now people have been outraged and demanding the arrest of the culprit. It has been many days since we got to know about the killing of Namhla Mtwa but the police department has not made an arrest in this case. A few days back Namhla Mtwa was found dead in Mthatha. Reportedly, the killer shot her nine times. This case has gained a lot of interest and attracted people’s attention toward itself. Namhla Mtwa’s murder case is the new element that is making headlines on the front page of newspapers for the past few days. Now people have come on the roads in large numbers collectively. People are protesting against the police for not arresting the prime suspect in Namhla Mtwa’s murder case. Keep doing the same and follow this column line to line. Shift to the further section. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Namhla Mtwa Killer Arrested

Namhla Mtwa Killer Arrested

Protesters have lost their temper and have given the warning to the authorities that if they do not arrest the man accused of murdering Namhla Mtwa then they will unleash citizen’s arrest. Protestors are giving threats to the police department. Protestors have made it clear if they fail to arrest the accused then will not take significant time to unleash civilians’ arrest. Read down the next section to fetch more about Namhla Mtwa’s murder case.

Why was Namhla Mtwa Killer Arrested?

Earlier it was reported that police were investigating the ex-boyfriend of Namhla Mtwa for being allegedly involved in the murder of Namhla Mtwa. But the accused denied all the allegations and claimed that there is no relation between him and Namhla Mtwa’s murder case. According to the source, Namhla Mtwa was in a relationship with a famous businessman who was also a member of the ANC. The police department is yet to arrest the accused which is why people have been outraged as the accused is living freely.

Who Is Namhla Mtwa Killer?

Reports stated that Namhla Mtwa had broken up with the accused or her boyfriend two months before her killing but she used to receive threats from her ex-boyfriend. But the accused has managed to maintain his innocent and poured cold water on the allegations. Protestors are protesting on the roads in order to deliver justice to the victim who was brutally killed. Stay tuned to this page for further updates on Namhla Mtwa’s murder case.

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