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Who was Xavier Lopez? 10-year-old 4th-grade student Texas shooting victims: This news is highly trending and will become worldwide. The most public is in heartbroken condition. Let us discuss again what happened and I give you the whole information about this severe incident. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Xavier Lopez

Texas shooting victims identified as Xavier Lopez

On Tuesday, May 24 a very big and dangerous incident occurred. Robb Elementary School has been converted into a crime scene means a shooter shoots lots of guns and fires at the school. 19 children and three adults had been dead during the shooting. this school is in the city of Texas which is located in the United States of America. Salvador Ramos had been also dead when she recorded this incident on the TikTok live. the videos which she recorded have been going viral. According to media reports, a 10-year-old child is a victim name, Xavier Lopez. let us discuss this child in brief information.

Who was Xavier Lopez?

Xavier Lopez is a ten-year-old child and victim of this terrifying Texas incident. this child give a statement to the police and revealed that he is studying in the fourth standard. police take his statement to the hospital because Xavier is in serious condition. One gunfire is struck and passed through his chest so doctors are not sure whether he will survive or not. Police write the statement he had to go on meant he was dead. according to media reports, he was hospitalized in the San Antonio hospital. Xavier’s mother was with him and she was at the awards ceremony at the school. Xavier’s photo is viral and a verified Twitter user viral his photo and wrote above in his photo that today a very innocent child whose age is 10 years old is no more. he was dead in today’s school shooting.

Xavier Lopez: Parents, Family

Joe Biden president of the United States Of America is Frantic over the Guns Law in the USA. Now he will pass the Gun laws in Parliament which will help Americans survive easily. In the USA one gun is found and available in every house. Americans are fighting with little things and shooting guns and firing each other.  Many celebrities like Celena Gomez tribute to those who lost their lives in this horrifying incident. many more celebrities also tribute. the public is also losing their temper and striking against the joe Biden government, especially in Texas city. Let’s hope all things in the future go well and they maintain silence in the all-state as well as countries.

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