Who Was Elithia Ramirez? Uwald High School Student Cause of Death Video Images

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One of the significant associations of The National School of Psychologists released some vital advice on how to handle kids during their teenage. The advice is for the parents and the teachers of teenagers. The advice was released after a significant sum of students and two adults got killed in a massacre that took place in the state of Texas at an elementary school where a teenager around 19 to 18 years old entered and open fire on the pupils of the campus. The assassination was carried out on Tuesday 24 May 2020. Get more information on Elithia Ramirez’s dead and obituary.


The latest reports trending all over the Internet asserted that an 18-year-old suspect brought rifles at a Uwald High School Student and killed around 19 students, one teacher and another adult. The entire dreaded incident came to the attention of the police authority and they soon approached the crime spot and experienced the mayhem. However, the police officer managed to eliminate the accused and started a brief investigation wherein they came to know that before arriving at the school he also killed his grandmother.

All the parents and guardians of the victims who lost their lives in the firearm violence are devastated. All those pupils who survived the shootout with minor injuries are aghast and scared even describing their experience. One of the renowned psychologists and professor of Duke University Medical Center released a statement in which he described School as a safe and supportive environment for almost all teenagers. The statement was published after 17 children lost their lives in mayhem executed at Majority Stoneman-Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in the year 2018. Another statement reads “So when there’s a shooting at a school, it destroys our worldview that I can be in a safe place.”

Witness Isaias Melendez defined the complete accident as chaotic, the violent act getting criticized worldwide. The tributes of the Internet users and other people are received by the victims. They are also sharing their deep condolence with the parents and friends of the victim. These are some of the most horrific accidents in the history of the states.

Another member of the National Childhood Trauma Stress Network described how their parents lost their trust in the school. But still, they are trying to convince their children after widely spreading headlines of the accident. We will get back to you with more information and the latest updates till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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