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Two adults and at least 19 students were killed in Uwald, Texas at Rob elementary School. said Governor Abbott on Tuesday. An 18- year boy also got dead who was a student of Uwald High School. The governor also said that the suspects shot his grandmother while entering the school campus. After this incident, The National Association of School Psychologists has given some advice to teachers & parents. This incident has scared parents and students, parents can’t describe the situation that they experienced there, and children are not leaving their homes.

how did elithia ramirez die

As said by Dr. Robin Gurwitch, a clinical psychologist the School is safe and has a supportive environment for teenagers. The professor at Duke University, Medical Centre professor told ABC News, that 17 people and students were killed in Parkland, Florida, in 2018. Witness Isaias Melendez Also tells the story of Uvld Robe Elementary school, in Texas. !4 students were killed in a school shooting. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott confirmed that at least 14 school students were killed when the gunman reach their campus.

Who Was Elithia Ramirez?

A member of the National Childhood Trauma Stress Network, Gurwitch explain how can parents share this news with their children and how can they make children feel safe. She also suggests that when they watch the news with their children, ask your children what they know about this event, where they come from, what they have heard, or do they have any misunderstanding regarding this. She also added that it is important to make them trust that nothing will happen to them” they will do everything for their safety and they will keep them safe. She also says this is as tough as answering where children come from’

For small kids, Gurwitch says that something bad has happened in school, in which many got injured, and many got killed. I just want to say that if you have question regarding this you can come to me. At last, she all says that if any children or parents want to talk to her about this incident or want to share their thoughts can freely come to me.

How Did Elithia Ramirez Die?

For high school kids. she recommends, that if you want to talk to them about a school shooting and can also clear their doubts you can come to us and talk. We are with you in every condition and will keep you safe, so you dont have to take pressure about anything. Stay updated for the latest updates.

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