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There is another tragedy reported in the last 24 hours in Kashmir where a Kashmiri Television actress who is known as Amreen Bhat reportedly shot and killed in the Chadoora area of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district. According to the sources, she was with her 10-years-old nephew when the incident took place. When she was shot, Amreen was taken to the hospital after which, she was declared dead by the doctors in the hospital. Another side, her nephew was injured on his arm. This sudden incident made everyone shocked including her family and the entire district who got to know about this tragedy.

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According to the sources, Amreen Bhat was shot in a terror attack and pronounced dead in the hospital. Along with this, the news of her death was confirmed through a post which was made by The Kashmiri Polie who took their official Twitter account to confirm the news. Reports claimes that Amreen was a local TV artist, who also became viral and popular on various social media platforms with her singing videos. Since the news of her death was confirmed, her fans and loved ones paying tribute and expressing their deep condolence to Amreen Bhat.

Who Was Amreen Bhat?

The Kashmiri Official Twitter account wrote,” At around 1955 hrs, terrorists fired upon one lady Amreen Bhat D/o Khazir Mohad Bhat R/o Hushroo Chadoora at her home. She was shifted to a hospital in an injured condition where doctors declared her dead. Her 10-years-old nephew who was also at home received a bullet injury on his arm”.

With this, the Former J&K Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah also expressed their deep condolence to her death and wrote,” Shocked & deeply saddened by the murderous militant attack on Ambreen Bhat. Sadly Ambreen lost her life in the attack & her nephew was injured. There can be no justification for attacking innocent women & children like this. May Allah grant her place in Jannat”.

TV Artist Shot Dead by Terrorists in Budgam

According to the police reports, three terrorists of the proscribed terror outfit LeT were totally involved in this crime and a case has been registered against them. Now, the investigation is underway and police is trying to locate those terrorists. She was shot and killed from a close range due to which, she was injured badly and succumbed until she was rushed to the hospital. Amreen was the second target in the last 24 hours. Yesterday, a police officer was also shot and dead by terrorists outside his home. While, his daughter who is just 7-years-old rushed him to save but she also injured in this attack.

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