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Who Is Shihab Ahmed Shihab? Ohio ISIS Man Behind George Bush Assassination Plot: The shocking news is floating on the internet which surprised the federal officers and law enforcement facilities of us and also give a reality check to the borders security force of the USA, as recently an arrest is made of an Iraqi citizen who is hiding in the USA planning a killing conspiracy of assassinating the former us president George w bush, as arrested after a tip from central intelligence and Shihab Ahmed Shihab an Iraqi national, and a history sitter for charges of a human trafficker and conspirator found illegally crossing borders and possessions of weapons and suspected links with ISIS Iraq based terrorist organization, speaking avenge for 2003 US invasion in Iraq. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Shihab Ahmed Shihab

Shihab Ahmed Shihab: George Bush Assassination Plot

According to the FBI disclosure, Shihab Ahmed Shihab is an Iraqi national who is looking for hideouts in the USA came through illegal means the USA through Mexican borders of USA, this Iraqi citizen is now arrested by the FBI while by checking his records it is found that he is already existing in the records of FBI terrorist list who previously charger for crimes like human-trafficking, weapons, and an ISIS Islamic state sympathizer after the investigation is carried out it is found that he is doing conspiracy to assassinate the former president of USA George W Bush, He Wanted to kill George W Bush to take revenge for the 2003  UAS invasion in Iraq. Got arrested on Monday morning, FBI with a terrorism task force nabbed this terrorist and produce him before the court for further interrogation at 2:30 PM for suspected links with ISIS, he was arrested while he washes keeping an eye on places related to the president constantly and I later interrogation all the details came in light,

Who Is Shihab Ahmed Shihab?

Shihab Ahmed Shihab is reported as a 52 years old man, Muslim as his religion and an Iraqi citizen, on the guest visa of USA, from September 2020, in march 2021 submitted asylum claim with us citizen, he was found living currently in Ohio, exploring his travel history it is found he lived at different places so as to make sure his stealth from federal eyes. he lived in different places like Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana, and to make sure his survival he stayed at a low profile to avoid the attention of antie terrorist organizations and FBI and for long he worked as a waiter in restaurants on daily cash bases because accounts are trackable by police leading to nab him.

NBC News: Shihab Ahmed Shihab, of Columbus, OH, is in custody after the FBI says he wanted to smuggle 4-6 individuals from Iraq into the United States through the Mexico border to kill former president George W. Bush, court documents and law enforcement officials say.


— Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) May 24, 2022

According to the FBI central intelligence report and tip helped them nullify his attack plans, his plan is as the meet with other members in a hotel in Columbus, Ohio, in March 2022 to explain about weapons, and outfits of police. he was involved in many terrorist activities in and outside the USA for human trafficking, conspiracy assassins, and isis sympathizer. he is accused of smuggling 4 to 5 Iraqi individuals to the united states, from maxima borders as accused of exchanging money with people to recruit foreign nationals into the United States unlawfully, took $40000 in august 2021 for an Iraqi citizen to enter the us. and estimated he was planning to bring at least 10 more to execute the killing. Court revealed as he will be punished with 10 years in jail for border cross and plot for assassinating the president may lead to 20 years in prison.

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