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These days, the crime rate is spreading its feet all over the world to such an extent that hardly a day has passed when we are not faced with the news of some catastrophic incident. Something similar is recently reported from Texas where a lethal shooting took place while injuring more than 18 students along with a teacher. Even a death rumor of Salvador Ramos is also surfacing on social networking sites while fetching the immense reactions. As a few reports are claiming his departure while a few are speaking out a different story, so below you could get the comprehensive details.

Who is Salvador Ramos Trans

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the shooting was extremely scary as it left uncounted in deep shock along with heavy goosebumps, as more than 18 students have been sent to the nearest medical center by the concerned authority along with a teacher. So that, they could get the appropriate cure and could heal soon but till now, no statement has been recorded from them. In short, everything is depending on their statements to catch the defaulter who is still a fugitive, and therefore, the concerned authority is trying their best detained him before it’s too late.

If the further reports are to be believed, so it was not executed by a one even a bunch of anonymous faces executed the crime while open-firing. Therefore, a few suspects have been taken into custody by the concerned authority, and the interrogation is brought ahead by them so that, they could take the name of those who are remaining elusive. Because once a defaulter is always a defaulter so therefore before they make another exploit they will need to be detained. Hence, the concerned authority issued the information publicly as well so that, if anyone gets something then they could make them familiar.

The treatment of injured students is being done by the medical team of “The University of San Antonio Health Center” and gradually they are getting recovered as well. So when something will make by the concerned authority of the medical team regarding the case we will make you an update for sure, as everything is left up to them and therefore each statement could overturn everything upside down. Hence, you will have to be patient ahead to make yourselves acquainted with those details which are under the proceeding. So as soon as something spots we will update you for sure, stay tuned with us.

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