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Who is Rebecca Kilps? Two Rivers High School Teacher Arrested for Sexual Assault: Currently, a piece of news has been viral on social media about a teacher assaulting a student sexually. Let us have the full information about the incident in detail. According to the report Rebecca Kilps is a teacher who has been arrested for sexually assaulting a student. This news has been viral on the air. It has been spreading everywhere now. Let us discuss it in detail. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Rebecca Kilps

Who is Rebecca Kilps?

Rebecca Kilps is described to be a teacher at Two River High School. has been detained for assaulting a school teenager. The report says that he has been convicted in three courts of sexual assault on a minor by a Member of the school teaching staff. When it asked the school authorities about the assault incident by a teacher on a teenage student of the school then the authorities said, no other children are believed to be victims. So the teacher of Two River High School is on administrative leave now, as per the school’s District Administrator Diane Johnson.

Rebecca Kilps Arrested

Rebecca Kilps was a Two River High School teacher, who is now on administrative leave currently because he has been found the suspect of sexual assault on a school teenager student.  Rebecca taught in the school for more than ten years. Rebecca also taught Varsity college students on the faculty of Spanish level 2-5. Rebecca earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master’s degree in Spanish from Valparaiso University. The teacher has been in police custody now, and police are trying to get all other detail from the Two River High School teacher.

According to the report the Two River High School Teacher has been arrested for having a se*ual relationship with a school student. The report described that Rebecca is 34 years old she taught at Two River High School. Rebecca got the sexual assault charges of a teenager. Police are investigating the incident and not only the police but school authorities are also investigating the all facts related to the case against the teacher.

The school officer told that they ensure the safety and well-being of its student and will take immediate measures to protect pupils when such allegations are made. The injury is still ongoing, whenever the investigation is going nothing could be clear now. Now district authorities said that teacher has been suspended now from the job and investigations is continuing now.

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