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Who Is Amanda Knox? Calls Johnny Depp Heard Trial As Spectacle With No Winners: Recently surfaced johnny Depp and amber heard trials for defamation have gone viral, Amanda Knox calling it a spectacle show with o one win and on the internet and throughout the world searched news details on the case are here available as the Hollywood based movie stars are married for a while which doesn’t go along for long and now can be seen in courtroom proceedings as the people calling it a spectacle, which results to no wining, and have sympathy for the fighting couples fate. this issue is led after johnny heard suid amber for defaming comments in an interview she took after the divorce. Follow More Update On CmaTrends.com

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Camille Vasquez

Who Is Amanda Knox?

Amanda Knox commented in an editorial from the independent this Tuesday may 24 2022 saying on the proceedings of johnny Depp and amber heard saying she is having sympathy for the beautiful couple as it lead to this fate where they both are fighting in court and it is not reaching to any result and with time it has become a spectacle which everybody is watching and showing pity for there fate, she said it is no winning for any of us pointing Johnny Depp, amber heard and spectators, Amanda spent four years in an Italia jail as she was charged for the murder of a British student which proved false later, and she feels sorry for the couple as she realizes what it felt like when without any proof people decide your fate. adding she has also sealed and suffered the psychological trauma and public shaming that had come over the years.

Amanda Knox Calls Johnny Depp Heard Trial

Amanda Knox is a well known and has a huge fan following, known as an actor and journalist, a native of the united states, she was charged and jailed for the false murder charges of a British student which she proved wrong and her punishment for murder is 26years out of which she spent 4 already before proving wrong, as in lack of proof and no traces of her DNA is found from the crime site she was released. Knox added the johnny Depp supporters threatened the heard online and in court as after which they were thrown out of court,

Amanda Knox Viral Video Explained

As Johnny Depp’s favor is getting strong as the court denied the amber heard 100 million claims on Johnny Depp for defaming her as a counter of johnny for $50 million on her this is very hyped up the case now and supporters of johnny are all together with him after heard plea denied and making johnny confident for his 50 million defamation case. and Amanda knows is holding sympathy for both of them.

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