Vikrant Plans To Send Ranveer Out Of The City

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In today’s episode of Sirf Tum, Roshni tells Suhani that she has to admit her mistake by swearing at Ranveer. The latter walks toward Suhani and says that he trusts her more than himself. Ranveer says that Suhani’s sayings are truthful to him like his mother’s love. He says that his mother has falsely sworn on his son and says that if she has not done this, then only Ansh can do this. Suhani gets emotional and thinks that she loves Ranveer. She brings oil into the bowl and sings a song.

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Ranveer asks Suhani to stop it but the latter tells him that she wants to take his pain away. Ranveer asks how did she come to know about his headache. She gently massages his head and asks him if he recalls the chapter under the title “types of patients”. Suhani then talks about the patient who always refuses treatment. Ranveer tells her that he is not a patient. Suhani smiles and says that a doctor can never headache. She asks Ranveer to speak his heart out. Ranveer asks her to go from there as it’s too late.

Suhani tells Ranveer that he cares for her and that she knows how much he loves her. Suhani asks him to tell her what was his reason behind refusing to get married to her. Ranveer calls her annoying. Suhani comes closer to him, making Ranveer nervous. The latter reminds Suhani of their promise to always be within limits. Suhani gives Ranveer a flying kiss and leaves. Ranveer smiles like crazy. Here, Riya looks at the suit that she had got designed for her father. Ansh comes and starts trying the suit. Riya says that it is for her father.

Ansh tells Kapoor that Ranveer went out of the house for 2 hours and the entire environment got changed by his mother. He thinks about what will happen if Ranveer goes from some days. Kapoor tells him that he will think about it and will talk about it to Vikrant. Here, Ranveer checks on Mamta. Suhani comes there too and says that the dean has come. Mamta asks her to send the dean inside. Ranveer tells the dean that he can not come to college for some days as his mother is not well. Dean recalls Vikrant asking him to send Ranveer out of the city. Stay tuned with us for more written updates on Sirf Tum.

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