Shilpi Raj Leaked New Viral Video MMS Telegram Link Boyfriend Name

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One of the most viral faces and web sensations Shipi Raj again started collecting headlines. The flow of the attention moved toward her after her video started surfacing on the Internet. The video is generating buzz on all the vital social media platforms including Reddit and Twitter. The video spread all over the web like wildfire and individuals are rushing to explore the content of the video. However, the number of viewers of the video is enhancing with each minute passing. It is even being shared by the viewers on other platforms increasing its popularity. Get more information on Shilpi Raj MMS Video.

Shilpi Raj Leaked

As per the reports asserted by notable netizens that the video again contained explicit content showing the famous Bhojpuri singer performing some inappropriate activities in the footage. The video is enhancing the fame of the already popular singing personality. Before this, she brought a storm on YouTube with one of her singing albums but now she is facing heavy criticism on the Internet due to her latest video containing explicit content. Well, this isn’t the first time when such kind of scandal popularized on the internet involving a celebrity.

Shilpi Raj New Video

It is being said that this kind of viral video emerging on a regular basis will affect the popularity of the singer. Beforehand, Shilpi collected headlines for her previous private viral video fetching enormous attention. The entire incident took place some weeks earlier and Shilpi again sustain her name with her latest video. The reports have been asserted that apart from singer Shilpi Raj and her boyfriend named Vijay Chauhan, a third person also recorded in the footage. After the video went viral on social media the celebrity urged all the internet consumers not to share the video.

The singer further says that a marriage is going on in her house and everyone is quite happy there. She says she is surrounded by controversy but she will handle all this on her own. She said that she has become that much famous just because of her fans. She further said that she made a way long journey from Patna to a famous singer.

If we talk about her career she recently fetched attention with her latest song ‘Piyaji Ke Mochiya Jaan Marela’ has been released. The information about the song was provided on the Facebook by singer herself. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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