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WATCH: NBA’s Steve Kerr Video School Shooting Goes Viral On Social Media: Texas mass shooting event has outraged everyone and we have recently seen the impact of this mishap on the Golden State Warriors coach known as Steve Kerr. Steve Kerr gave a statement on this incident and demanded strict action. Steve Kerr has come into the limelight since he spoke about the Texas Elementary shooting event. On Tuesday the entire Unites States witnessed the brutality of a teenager who reportedly killed a total number of 21 people. People have been stunned and fainted after reading and hearing this tragedy. And now people at large number are condemning the actions of the shooter and calling for action. Let’s explore what Steve Kerr said about the Texas mass shooting incident on Tuesday during an interview. Scroll down the screen and read it till the end. Follow More Update On

Steve Kerr Video

NBA’s Steve Kerr Video

Steve Kerr is a coach of the Golden State Warriors and he delivered a speech that was out of his league. Steve Kerr gave an impassioned speech during a press conference held shortly after the shooting incident on Tuesday. According to the police report, the shooter killed 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School. But what did Steve Kerr speak actually on this topic? Let’s find out this below.

Steve Kerr’s Video Explained

Steve Kerr said, “a couple of days back we have had black people murdered in Buffalo’s supermarket and we also have witnessed a mass shooting event in Southern California because of an Asian churchgoer and now we have witnessed the mass killing of school students at Texas”. He kept speaking about the violence in the country and he uttered a long statement against gun violence in the United States. Steve Kerr said basketball did not matter. But the lives of people matter the most. Keep reading this article to fetch more about Steve Kerr and the mass shooting in Texas.

NBA’s Steve Kerr Video Viral on Twitter & Reddit

According to the reports, Steve Kerr has an old connection with gun violence which is the reason he has prolonged been outspoken against gun roughness. Reports claimed that Steve Kerr’s father was shot and killed in Beirut in a terror attack. Steve Kerr lost his father in the same kind of gun violence. Steve Kerr burst during a press conference due to the mass killing of students. He demanded strict action and gun law reform. Stay tuned to this page for more information and updates.

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