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The most entertaining show Kundali Bhagya is running for a long time. This show made a huge amount of fans with the twists, which come in the show from time to time. The latest episode starts with, Karan’s engagement with Natasha, and Sherlyn arrives and tells Preeta about the engagement. Natasha doesn’t want any drama in her engagement. Preeta laughs at her. Preeta says that no engagement will occur here. Natasha says to Sharlin that nothing should happen in her engagement. Prithvi says they have hired her and she is ordering them. Natasha says she will order them because she has evidence against him. Prithvi says Preeta is not old Preeta. but Sherlyn has become a week. Sharlin says she is scared because of the blackmailer. She can’t let know anyone about Rishabh.

kundali bhagya

Natasha speaks to Kareena and Dadi about her love for Karan. They says her that several people love him. Srishti comes to the party. Preeta says that she is ready with the plan against Sharlin. Kritika surprises Prthivi by acting as a charming wife. Shrishti sees her and feels bad for her because she trusts Prithvi and loves him. Karan comes for the engagement. Preeta gets shocked to see Karan. He asks did she disappear Natasha. Natasha comes there and tells that she is always with Karan. Preeta gets jealous.

Natasha tells Preeta that she will stop the engagement if Preeta tells her to do this. She asks Preeta to think and just tell if she has any feelings in her for Karan. Karan dances with Natasha to make Preeta jealous. Preeta decides to show her the right place. Preeta replaces Natasha on the dance floor. Then you will see Karan and Preeta dancing romantic and cutely to Romantic a song. Natasha, Prithvi, and Sharlin make a plan to separate them. Preeta stops Karan and Natasha’s engagement. Preeta leaves the house for her mission to search for Rishabh.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi says to Srishti to ask Karan not to do this engagement. She is not able to do anything. The family gets soled up for Karan’s engagement. Prithvi congratulates Preeta but she says nothing will happen. Prithvi irritates her to say that her husband is going to another one now. She ignores his nonsense. She says she will dance and she is very happy with this engagement. She tells that she wants to laugh at him, Karan and Preeta are Indivisible, and nothing will happen to their relationship. Episode ends.

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