Kritika Sharma Leaked Viral Video Telegram Link Who Is She?

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Recently, another video got viral on the internet and got the attention of the netizens. Yes, we are talking about Kritika Sharma who has become one of the most trending topics on social media. You must be wondering what happened to the girl and why is she trending all of a sudden. Well, let us tell you that a private video of Kritika has surfaced all over the internet. The clip has gone viral and can be seen trending on almost all platforms. Check further details about Kritika Sharma and her video in the article below.

Kritika Sharma Leaked

Sources claim that the person who is seen in the leaked video is Kritika Sharma. She is a well-known Assamese singer who has garnered a lot of popularity through her songs and style of singing. Ever since the video went viral online, netizens are searching for some sort of information about the girl. As per reports, Kritika Sharma is a 22-year-old Assamese singer who is pursuing her dreams.

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The woman has spent her life in Assam only and is known by many there. It would not be wrong to state that Assam is Kritika’s hometown. Talking about Kritika Sharma’s education, she has done her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and now she is pursuing a master’s degree in the same field. In an interview, Kritika shared that she got support and motivation from her family and friends. She added that they always stood by her side and supported her in hard times.

Speaking further, Kritika said that she is passionate about singing and that she has had the talent since birth. Kritika is also a popular social media influencer having a decent fan following on social media. Kritika is available on Instagram with @Kritikasharm4. Reportedly, Kritika has around 63.7K followers on Instagram. Ever since the video featuring the singer went viral on social media, the number of followers on her IG is continuously growing.


The woman has managed to garner huge attention from the netizens for her singing skills. It is reported that the Assamese singer has gained the attention for her newly released song too. It is under the name “Koi Nidiya Kiya”. The song was released in 2022 via online mode. It is no doubt to state that the singer has become a trending personality overnight. Everyone only seems to be talking about her. Get all the latest news and updates around the world here.

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