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America has given many rappers and starters who already wrote their name with golden words in their indutsry. They did not born with a silver spoon but they work hard and put all the eggs in one basket to be popular among the world. The news we are going to introduce in this article is also from America, It is sad news. This news is from Hip Hop industry when a rapper with the handler Oh Trapstar passed away at the early stage of his life. After a short amount of time, this piece of news is broadcast on various platforms on the internet today. His fans are in shock and not checking different- different sites and pages to know more updates about this case.

ohtrapstar dead

The black day for one of the popular rappers of America Lil Pump. His cousin Oh Trapster is dead at an early age of his life. According to some sources, he is considered 22 years old and he faced a car accident in which he was announced dead. In the early morning on Wednesday 25 May 2022 the department of police received a call about a car crash which is registered in the area of Northwest 82nd Street and Third Avenue. The car was burning and the concerned police team and the paramedical team as well as fire officers reached the place. All the firefighters worked hard to extinguish the fire flames.

How Did OhTrapstar Die?

The police also said that the car entered a home and the car went into the local house where five people were in the house and two were in the bedroom. Miami police spokesman officer Michael Vega has confirmed that in this accident two people were reported to die in the crash and another at Jackson Memorial Hospital Ryder Trauma Center. Two out of five were taken into the hospital with minor injuries.

The team of Miami police who is investigating this case said that speed might be the reason for this accident. His fans are circulating his picture and writing his legacy on social media platforms. His family has lost a huge amount in the manner of their child. It is an appealing task to accept.

What Was OhTrapstar Cause of Death?

The Hip Hop industry as well as various sectors are tributing him and showing their condolence to his family and his cousin Lil Pump. May his soul Rest in peace and our deepest condolence to his family and friends.

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