Did Alyssa Valdez Broke Up With Kiefer Ravena? Check Rumours Are Real Or Fake?

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The Filipino volleyball player Alyssa Valdez has come to the headlines. It is being speculated that she has parted ways with sports star Kiefer Ravena. Due to these speculations, both Alyssa and Kiefer have become one of the trending topics on the internet now. Their fans are taking to social media to discuss the ongoing matter and are expressing their respective concern about it. This has led to the rise of several theories regarding the breakup. Check out the complete details of the matter that has gained the attention of many.

Alyssa Valdez

According to reports, sports star Alyssa Valdez and Kiefer Ravena have broken up. The representatives of Valdez, VMG Asia, issued a lengthy statement on Thursday, May 26, 2022, on Twitter. However, the statement neither denied the breakup rumors nor confirmed it, leaving the netizens in confusion. The statement generally asked the public to stop speculating about the ongoing situation as it is causing the couple trouble. Later, the 28-years-old player quoted the said tweet with a caption in which she asked the people to avoid making up stories and spreading false rumors while she thanked everyone for their love too.

The tweet shared by VMG Asia stated that a lot of speculation has been made and that they appreciate the concern but this decision does not involve any other party. The post further asked the fans to avoid cooking up stories and hoped that everyone can respect Alyssa’s decision to keep things private. Further in the statement, they thanked the fans who have supported and loved the player through the years and added that they know they will continue to be there for her. In conclusion, it was written that this will be the only time they will address this matter and that they will not entertain any interviews or questions.

Let us tell you that other news outlets and sports personalities have come forward and confirmed the breakup. These personalities included sports anchor and former volleyball player Gretchen Ho. It is also coming forward that Ravena who had Valdez on his Instagram profile photo for quite some time, changed the picture to him and his brother Thirdy. However, he has not spoken anything on the matter yet. On another side, Valdez changed her profile picture too while the pair also have unfollowed each other on Instagram. The events suggest that the pair have broken up. Follow our site for more updates.

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