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Anupama 26 May 2022 Full Episode Update Anupama Upcoming Twist 26 May 2022: In Rupali Ganguly’s superhit TV show Anupama, Kavya is about to do such a thing that a snake will roll on Vanraj Shah’s heart. Anupama will be taunted by her furious hands. Follow more updates on CmaTrends

Anupama 26 May 2022 Written Episode Update

The story of TV serial Anupama is progressing in an interesting way. After marriage, happiness has knocked in Rupali Ganguly’s life, but now many troubles have arisen in front of Vanraj Shah. On one hand, Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey) has to take responsibility for Shah’s family himself, while Kavya is also talking about divorcing him. A furious Vanraj will clearly tell his family that no one will reveal the issues of the house in front of Anupama nor will she interfere in anyone’s life from now on.

In Anupama’s new episode (Anupama 26 May 2022 Episode), it will be shown that Anupama will understand that something has happened at home. Anupama will cook delicious food in the first kitchen. After this Anuj and Gopi will taste the food prepared by Kaka Anupama. Meanwhile, Anupama would like to talk to the family members through video calls. Anupama must have been talking to her children on the video call when her eyes will fall on Baa. Seeing Baa’s downcast face, Anupama will ask him many questions. Then Baa will taunt Anupama a lot. Vanraj will come in the middle and take care of the whole thing.

In the upcoming episode, you will also see that Anuj and Anupama will be planning to go on their honeymoon. Anuj will take her to the seashore at the behest of Anupama. Here she will promise Anuj that from now on she will not let him feel the lack of anything. Here Kavya will go to meet her ex-husband Anirudh in front of Vanraj and other family members. It has to be seen how far will this change in the lives of Vanraj and Anupama take them?

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