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Anupamaa is one of the most successful shows in the history of Indian television. This show has a separate fan base. Let’s reflect light and discuss in brief. Anupamaa is the lead character of the show, who is from a village and got married early stage of her life to Vanraj Shah. When they both become mature Vanraj denied to accept her but due to his mum Leela Shah she entered his house but Vanraj loves his secretary Kavya Gandhi later in the show Kavya and Vanraj got married and hot drama was reported in the last episodes. Vanraj did not use to care for Anupamaa.

Anupama, Today's Episode 26th May 2022 Written Update

Now Anupamaa is fighting for her happiness which is why she started working at the same office where she met Anuj Kapadiya. He is the owner of her office. When he got to know about her situation he fall in love with her and later they got married in some last episodes her second wedding is on-running on trending. Let’s have a talk on the upcoming episode.

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Vanraj Shah is very angry with Anupamaa and he was addressing his family and emphasized to his family that still he is alive and he also has right in his house. He added in his statement that he and the rest members of the family will not interfere in Anu’s life and she will also not too. After this action in Shah’s Family, ‘Baa’ Leela Shah the mother of Vanraj Shah says that Anupamaa is and will be the reason for his son Vanran Shah’s problem. In the between of today’s episode, Anuj Kapadiya and Anupamaa are planning to go somewhere.

There is no information has been declared by the news was published. Everyone is seeking to know about the place where they are likely to go. Ahead of this episode, Anuj Kapadiya and Anupamaa are reported in the kitchen where Anupamaa was cooking something suddenly Anuj Comes into the kitchen and he also appreciates her wife and Kisses her on the chicks.

She was surprised to see Anuj in the kitchen she was blessed and says what are you doing Anuj. He answeres am I doing the wrong thing No, She says Gk will see us. He says let him come. This beautiful show will be broadcast on the Star Plus Network at 10 PM IST and users can also watch it on Disney Hotstar.

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