Who Was Salvador Ramos? Texas School Shooting 18-Year-Old Gunman Killed Check Details

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Entire Texas has shocked after learning about an incredibly horrific incident that took place in the school of the state. The spine-chilling incident makes your blood run cold. The fatal accident become the talk of the town after a teenager opened fire at Texas elementary school. The entire incident took place on Tuesday, 24th May 2022. The reports are claiming that the assassination claimed the life of a total of 19 kids and two adults. The entire state is horrified after they come to know about the mishap. Get more information about who is Salvador Ramos massacred at Texas School.

Who Was Salvador Ramos? Texas School Shooting 18-Year-Old Gunman Killed Check Details

According to the latest reports asserted by some significant sources of information, a teenager 18 years old identified as Salvador Ramos is the prime accused of executing the killing at the elementary school. The police informed in the morning hours of Tuesday at around 11 AM. The emergency services soon arrived at the crime spot and found that Ramos was uncontrollable and continue killing the people with the rifle. The police started the proceeding and started firing at him. He was shot dead just after a while police arrived.

Who Was Salvador Ramos?

The investigation team released some of the states wherein they informed that Ramos equipped two rifles and approached Robb Elementary school after killing his own grandmother. As soon as he reached the school he opened fire on the children. He was just recklessly killing pupils and whatever came to gunpoint. After police took the criminal down and analyzed the aftermath they reported that the mayhem claimed the life of 19 students and two adults assumed school teacher. Apart from that, around 14 kids along with one adult sustained minor injuries admitted to Uvalde Medical Center.

As per the reports released by the CEO of the hospital named Tom Nordwick that informed some of the children had been released after getting treatment from the hospital. A girl aged 10 and a senior citizen 66 years old shifted to University Health San Antonio, the only Level 1 trauma center for both adults and children in the region. Both individuals are in critical condition.

The school incident was one of the most dreaded school massacres in the history United States. If we talk about the killer named Salvador Ramos who cryptically messaged a stranger “I’m about to” just hours before he went on the killing spree. We will get back to you with more information and updates till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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