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School is the place where students make their careers and learn many things such as how to live in different circumstances and how to tackle crises as well as education makes a man perfect. Nowadays news is being circulated many times on social media platforms. This time people are thinking again about this type of news. A shooting is reported in Uvalde, Texas, United States. People are in shock and raising this shootout at the national level and protesting against this news. The residents of Texas are demanding to solve this case as soon as possible.


The Rob’s Elementary School is in Uvalde. This shootout happened at this school. According to the authorities, 21 people were killed in this shootout. By the time the news was published 18 students out of 21 people passed away and later 1 more student lost their lives in this brutal shootout. According to the Health Department of a particular school or University, a 10 years old girl and 66 years old lady were suffering in the hospital between two faces of life, life, and death.

Texas School Shooting Kills at Least 21

On the behalf of Abbott, his designation is not revealed by the concerned authorities he identified the main suspect as Salvador Ramos who is only 18 years old boy. He entered the school with a gun and shot many students and individuals. His address is identified by the cops that he is from West of San Antonio where around 16000 people live in the city. Abbott also shared that the cops already have killed the prime suspect. However, this has not been confirmed by any authorities and sources. The chief of District police Pete Arredondo said in a press conference on Tuesday that the culprit has committed this crime alone. Before his presence at the school, he killed his grandmother with that pistol.

According to sources, it was one of the most dangerous shootings reported in Texas in the United States since 20 children and 6 adults were killed at a Sandy Hook school in Newtown. Tom Nordwick is a chief executive of the Uwald Memorial Hospital, and seventeen students were admitted to this hospital and the treatment was given to students later they were announced dead by the concerned authorities.

What Happened at Uvalde Texas

The local people of Texas are appealing to the court and police to solve this case and found the exact cause of this shooting because the moto of this shooting is not cleared yet. May their soul Rest in peace who have lost their precious life in this shooting.

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