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Is Kate Moss Related To Amber Heard? Actress Testifying On Johnny Depp Trial Viral Video Explained: Kate Moss is the new name that has been linked with the defamation case of Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp. Johnny’s fans are speculating if Kate Moss is related to Amber Heard or not. There are a number of stories evolving in the defamation case of Johnny Depp. Now Kate Moss is all set to give her testimony in Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard case. What role Kate Moss could play in this case? And why she has been called to give testimony in this highly discussed case? We have lots of questions that we will answer in the further sections. Below-placed sections will give you answers to all the aforementioned questions related to Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, and Amber Heard. Follow More Update On

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Kate Moss

Is Kate Moss Related To Amber Heard?

According to the reports, the name Kate Moss came into the limelight when Johnny Depp’s ex-wife cited Kate’s name in her testimony during a trial. Amber claimed that Kate Moss is another example of Depp’s cruelty as she also has been tortured and abused by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in the past. Now the court has summoned Kate Moss to give her testimony and address the claims made by Amber Heard. What is the connection between Pirates of the Caribbean actor and Kate Moss? Let’s find out below.

We have learned that there is no connection between Amber and Kate. But both have remained in a romantic relationship with the accused actor. The two blonde ladies only share this common thing. Amber and Kate both remained media’s limelight due to their relationship with Johnny Depp. Prior to dating Amber Heard, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor dated Kate during the 90s. The interesting fact is when Johnny and Kate were loving each other then Amber was just 10 years of age. Today she has pulled the actor for a defamation case.

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We recall that there was an incident when Johnny and Kate were in a relationship with each other. If you are a 90s-born kid then you must have heard about their hotel “room incident”. Due to their hotel room incident, they arrested too much spotlight. According to the source, both were involved in a heated argument in New York that prompted the police to take them to the police station. Following their arrest, they had to pay $10,000 as compensation money for the damage to the hotel.


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