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Brandy upheld her promise to “murk” Jack Harlow in rap and “sing his ass to sleep,” dropping punchy bars for her own rendition of “First Class” that premiered on Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” show on Wednesday.

The nearly two-minute freestyle is in response to Harlow’s interview with that same outlet where he couldn’t identify Brandy’s 1998 “Angels In Disguise” and had no idea that the R&B singer was Ray J’s sister.

That prompted Brandy to send out a pair of tweets vowing to show up the rapper but reminded audiences that it was “all love.”

I will murk this dude in rap at 43 on his own beats and then sing is ass to sleep. ♠️

— b r a n d y (@4everBrandy) May 17, 2022

See, I can have a little fun too♥️ hehe…all love♥️♥️♥️

— b r a n d y (@4everBrandy) May 17, 2022

Her freestyle response to the Louisville rapper is a playful remix of Harlow’s chart-topping “First Class,” and Brandy demonstrated her ability to bar up. She playfully raps over the Fergie-sampled production: “Cinderella scriptures / But that don’t mean Jack in the streets / Jack of all trades / Now I’m here Jackin’ for beats.”

Brandy also acknowledges the cancellation of her “Queens” series, saying she’s still a queen despite it and even pokes fun at her brother’s latest entrepreneurial effort — Ray J’s “unbreakable” glasses.

“Over 20 years and I’m still a topic / A bitch is worth a million and I’m feeling philanthropic / Popular but now I’m poppin’ shit for those out of pocket,” she sings, throwing a witty jab at Harlow.

Although these exchanges are all in good fun, many fans did not take Harlow’s blindspot for Brandy lightly as critics pointed to the duality of him thriving as a white rapper and his lack of knowledge in the hip-hop realm. Conversely, others forgave his naivety due to him being just 24-years-old and from a different generation.

Either way, the back-and-forth is only adding to the flame of “First Class,” which returned to the No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the third week.

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