Military Tips and Tactics to combat war

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In order to defeat the enemy, he must first be located. This must be done before he sees our own troops.

In battle there is a maximum which says “he who sees first shoots first” in achieving this it is necessary to develop a high degree of skill in observation.

  • Observation may be carried out by an individual or a team.
  • How to observe the enemy and the grand.
  • The observer should be positioned at a place from where they can see the area to be observed.


An observer should remember the following

Avoid unnecessary movement especially on the sky line.

Camouflage him intelligently in conformity with the surrounding.

Make full use of cover background and shadow.

Observe lying down whenever possible

Work round or through cover and not over it

When looking through a door or window stay well back

Avoid smoking.

Use your ears well

In all, information is important in battle, and one of the ways of obtaining information is by observation. An intelligent observer can acquire a tremendous amount of information by using powers of sight, hearing and intelligence.

Royal Marines train in Belize jungle


Use the ears as well


Movement without ARMS;

Stomach crawl: this is useful for moving behind very low cover.

The monkey run: this is simply crawling on hands and knees and is useful behind cover about two feet high. These types of movement make least noise.

The walk: this is normal. The tendency to walk the head bent down must be avoided. One should be able to observe all the time during movement


Concealment in the battle field is just as important as all level. Concealment and observation is the essential ingredient of minor tactics and individual

In the interest of his own personal security, concealment must be the concern of every individual, person’s he owes it to himself, and also to his comrades that no indication of his activities is give away to the enemy for want of caution on his part. Any laps in his respect can endanger the lives of all of them.

Success will come to one who can surprise the order to get the better of him one should be able to see and move without being seen.


The art of concealment lies in making the best use of the ground existing cover with wild animals it is instinctive, with men it must be acquired cover may be of two types that is cover from view and cover from fire. Ideal cover provides protection from both.




Concealment from ground and air observation and cover from all small arms fire. When these are isolated or restricted and movement into them has been located by the enemy they officer very good targets for concealment mortar and good attack


Earth as in a parapet

Loose sand

Sand bag filled with earth

Sand bag filled with clay.


The aim of this tactics is to close in with enemy and destroy him with the volume of fire on him.

This imply that one body of troops is in position end ready to give covering fire while other moves

It saves unnecessary casualties

As section/ platoon level, it teaches the basic principle of all tactical.


Field signals are effective method of passing orders in formation at sublevel ………………….. They must be practice to perfection so that command and control can be exercised without passage of orders by voice or through runners.


Scout should move behind one another not in the same line.

Scout should move from cover to cover using the correct method of observation around cover.

Scouts should move by bounds in the areas where enemy is suspected.

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